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Sypex Dumper is unquestionably FREE TOOL and necessary for automatic backups and restores for your databases.

A support effective, rapid and unparalleled! That this is on their forum or even the author is present to answer your questions.

Thank You
S. Latour
I'm in the infancy stage of building a directory. As of this writing I have 1,687,176 listings - more than 1.5 million. I needed to download my database. But when I tried through PhyMyAdmin, I spent about 45 minutes and got to "maybe" 2%. Of course, during the download my site was unavailable because MySQL was taking up so much of my dedicated server resources.
So I stopped and began searching another option.
I just happened across a forum where someone had a link to Sypex.
I didn't know if it would work or not.
I installed and went through the process (not really well documented, but even "I" could figure out how to use the software) and was surprised that in less than 5 minutes, my 642.6MB database was saved to the "backup" directory within the files.
I then downloaded the compressed file in about 10 minutes.
I'm VERY impressed! Especially when I find something simple, compact, and fast - for FREE!
Thank you!
2013.08.13 - City Directory On Line, (CityDirectoryOnLine.com)
Thanks a lot for this master piece of software !! the speed is incredible
Backing and restoring databases is really a pleasure with Sypex
version 20.5 is working fine, however 2.0.6 has a user access denied bug described in your forum by a user
2010.05.14 - Chafik, (falsafa.info)
Nice project, neat UI
will be nice to have scheduler in UI, and cron.php to run scheduler jobs.
mysql have option to use binary logs for 'partial backup', I know mysql-zrm (zmanda) is using such option.
2010.04.12 - Shai Weinstein, (linnovate.net)

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