Friendly interface

The new Web 2.0 interface makes working with the database more convenient.

Impressive speed

New Dumper not only outperforms any php-script, but also desktop applications.

Smart backup

In the second version, a new approach to creating and restoring dumps.

Huge database

Dumper is optimized to work with large databases, with data amounts of hundreds or thousands of megabytes.


Interface in the native language is always pleasant.

No page reloads

Dumper utilizes AJAX. Forget about the page reloads.

Sypex Dumper [saipeks d۸mper] is a software product (PHP-script), which can help you create a backup (dump) of a MySQL database, and also restore the database from the backup if needed.

Sypex Dumper, unlike many similar programs (scripts), is optimized for maximum performance, as well as for working with large databases of hundreds or thousands of megabytes.

Sypex Dumper 2 became faster and more functional, with new functions added for working with databases and table maintenance. In addition, the ability to run from the command line (console) and on schedule (cron) is implemented.

Sypex Dumper has been created by the specialists of a Ukrainian company BINOVATOR.

Sypex Dumper is licensed under the BSD license, i.e. it is absolutely free.


Our history began when the database of one site was increasing rapidly, and its size has exceeded 10 Mb, and the esteemed phpMyAdmin instead of a so much awaited dump started giving blank pages or errors. Naturally, phpMyAdmin was repeatedly cursed inwardly, but that did not help. Then followed a search for alternative software, but nothing was found that was worth attention.

What should have we done? We started creating our own utility for backing up and restoring MySQL databases. The rest was just a paperwork and a matter of time ...

In some time the utility was ready, and needed just to go through the tests. Within a few months of exploitation the dumper proved to be excellent. Some bugs have been eliminated, and its speed was increased. After some time, the decision was taken to make this useful tool available to the Internet community.

Sypex Dumper

Sypex Geo


New version of Sypex Dumper Pro 2.4 has been released




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