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Интеграция с Uniform Server Zero

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Привет) Мой любимый WAMP-пакет, The Uniform Server Zero, теперь поддерживает Sypex Dumper 2.0.10 в виде плагина. Девелоперы из США молодцы, запилили плагин по моему реквесту.
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To keep The Uniform Server footprint small a range of plugins is provided.

Uniform Server Zero Sypex Dumper plugin
Sypex Dumper is an open source web application for creating and restoring
MySQL database backups. The application can work with huge (gigabytes)
databases. This is acheived by bypassing the PHP timeout limits using
a method that pauses and re-starts the backup job.

The Uniform Server Zero Sypex Dumper plugin has been configured for
automatic login as admin user and is fully portable.

Installing The Uniform Server Zero Sypex Dumper plugin
Installing is a misnomer! Nothing is installed to your PCs registry all
files are extracted to their appropriate location within the UniServer
folder structure.

The extraction procedure is identical for all plugins, proceed as follows:

1) Download required plugin installation file Zero_sypex_dumper_2_0_10.exe
2) Save to folder UniServerZ.
3) If running, stop Uniform Server.
4) Double click on the above installation file.
   This runs the self extracting archive.
5) If prompted allow overwriting of existing files.
6) If you wish, delete the installation file, it is no longer required.

Sypex Dumper
a) The existing button phpMyBackupPro opens Sypex Dumper.
b) Existing folder us_phpmybackuppro contains application files.

To run Sypex Dumper type either of the following addresses into your browser:
Click the MySQL Utilities button phpMyBackupPro

1) Sypex Dumper is restricted to local access hence no login required.
2) Sypex Dumper is installed to folder: UniServerZ\home\us_phpmybackuppro
3) Database backups are saved to folder: UniServerZ\home\us_phpmybackuppro\sxd\backup

UniController Button text
The UniController button bottom-right text defaults to phpMyBackupPro.
This text is changable by editing the user configuration file:

Change the following line:  ;BTN_MYUTIL_B4 = Sypex Dumper
To:                         BTN_MYUTIL_B4 = Sypex Dumper

Note: To change button text requires Unicontroller
      Zero_Controller_10_2_1.exe or above.

Re: Интеграция с Uniform Server Zero

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Спасибо за новость :)